Episode #10

Handling Rejection

Host: Veterinary Business Institute | Published Date: December 07, 2023

In this episode, Dr. Natalie Marks, President of Marks DVM Consulting and media expert, engages in an alluring discussion with our co-host, Dr. Peter Weinstein.They explore effective strategies for coping with rejection, whether encountered in clinical veterinary contexts or life in general. The conversation delves into valuable insights, including recognizing that fear often underlies rejection, honing active listening and shared decision-making skills, and expressing clinical empathy. 


  • 00:02:01 – A look into Dr. Natalie Marks – reconfiguring the role of a clinician 
  • 00:07:52 – Understanding Rejection – an analysis of the effect on individuals 
  • 00:13:11 – Rejection in the field of Veterinary medicine and the impact on mental health 
  • 00:20:13 – How do you prepare for a positive outcome? Three factors to re-frame our thinking 
  • 00:29:16 – Collaborative decision-making and prioritizing client expectation – going beyond the ‘gold standard of care.’ 
  • 00:41:14 – Managing rejection and emotion at the workplace – integrating ‘ Power of breathing’ 
  • 00:47:28 – Improving communication to empower your team to achieve their goal
  • 00:50:25 – Final words of wisdom
Natalie Marks, DVM, CVJ

President, Marks DVM Consulting
Educational Consultant & Media Expert

Website: marksdvmconsulting.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/dr.nataliemarks
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/natalie-marks-dvm-cvj-ffcp-elite-54b0429a/ 

Dr. Marks has empowered the veterinary industry with over twenty years of unparalleled and diverse experience. Her career spans a variety of positions, including being an associate veterinarian, medical director, co-owner of the largest small animal practice in Chicago, mentor, educational consultant, media personality, entrepreneur, and angel investor. Her continued goals include empowering veterinary professionals and pet parents alike to be as educated and involved as possible in the care of our patients and family members. Dr. Marks is passionate about tackling the ongoing need for improved physical and emotional health among industry colleagues.