Naren Arulrajah CEO of Ekwa Making

Naren Arulrajah

Founder of the Veterinary Business Podcast

Co-Host of the Veterinary Business Podcast

Veterinary Marketing Consultant

CEO of Ekwa Marketing

Naren Arulrajah is an entrepreneurial visionary who is committed to serving others. He firmly believes that success is a result of this dedication.

Naren is the CEO and Founder of Ekwa Marketing ( He leads a team of over 250 professionals and drives the company’s goal of assisting doctors in dominating Google and achieving success in digital marketing. Ekwa caters to a wide range of healthcare professionals who operate in private practices, such as veterinarians, dentists, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, ophthalmologists, OB-GYNs, and med-spa owners. Ekwa’s services are tailored to meet their specific needs and requirements. One of the most impressive achievements of Ekwa is its exceptional client retention rate, with 95% of clients choosing to stay with the company year after year.

Naren is not just the person behind Ekwa Marketing – his knowledge and experience go beyond that. He has helped veterinary practice owners throughout the United States grow their startups into practices worth millions of dollars. Naren’s expertise in digital marketing and entrepreneurship has made him a valuable asset to doctors globally. His commitment to the veterinary and medical community has been crucial to his achievements. In line with this principle, he established the Veterinary Business Podcast ( with other prominent figures in the field. The podcast seeks to support doctors by offering valuable insights into achieving professional, personal, and financial success.

Aside from being a consultant and speaker, Naren is an accomplished author and innovator. Recognizing his leadership and initiative, he was honored with the 2014 Leadership Initiative Award by AceTech Ontario.

Furthermore, Naren’s passion extends to the Veterinary Business Podcast series. He perceives this platform as not only a tool for professional advancement but also as a way to promote personal success for veterinarians who frequently neglect their personal lives while striving for professional success.

Naren’s entrepreneurial journey is guided by the principles of service and excellence. He firmly believes that understanding failure is essential to appreciating success. He acknowledges that success is not achieved in isolation, which is why he strives to make a positive impact not only on individuals but also on their relationships.

Naren’s exceptional vision is the direct result of his extensive work alongside esteemed veterinarians for over a decade. Working closely with them, he has gained profound insights into the specific challenges they face in their work and personal lives. Because of this realization, he was inspired to create and launch the Veterinary Business Podcast.

The Veterinary Business Podcast has a clear goal: to assist veterinarians in building a bigger future. Naren’s mission is to encourage personal growth among veterinarians, improve the well-being of their families, strengthen their teams, and positively impact their community.

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Dr. Joel Parker Co-founder Veterinary Practice Solutions

Dr. Joel Parker

Co-founder Veterinary Practice Solutions

Champion of Independent Practices

Speaker, vBlogger (WhiteBoard Wednesday) and Author

Dr. Parker was born in Alaska and raised on the West Coast of Canada. As an early entrepreneur, he established a landscaping company at the age of 15. A strong love of animals then led him to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. He holds university degrees in both Science and Veterinary Medicine from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Parker’s early years in the veterinary industry were spent working in AAHA accredited practices and in 1986 he purchased the AAHA accredited Animal Medical Hospital in West Vancouver, BC. Among its accolades, his hospital was featured in Trends Magazine for its state of the art sound-proof dog ward.

Ensuing years of owner-dependent practice ownership were frustrating and led him to an extensive search for practical management tools. With his discovery of the Hubbard Management System he found what he was looking for. Through application of its specific, tried-and-true management technology, the 1990’s brought Joel rapid success and resulted in the creation of two new companies, Veterinary Endoscopy Service and another that involved the manufacturing and worldwide distribution of a high-end line of dog training equipment, Canine Equipment – Gear Fer Dogs.

In 2004, Dr. Parker decided to take things to a whole new level and help give other practice owners the opportunity to discover the very same management system that elevated his practice to what he describes as the “Standing Ovation Practice” level. Thus leading to the co-founding of Veterinary Practice Solutions as a resource to provide this technology

Peter Weinstein - President, PAW Consulting,

Peter Weinstein DVM, MBA

President, PAW Consulting, Inc.

Dr. Peter Weinstein owns PAW Consulting and is the former executive director of the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association and the former chair of the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Veterinary Economics Strategy Committee. He teaches a business and finance course at the Western University of Health Sciences College of Veterinary Medicine.

He is also the President of Simple Solutions for Vets and the co-author of the book – “The E-Myth Veterinarian – Why Most Veterinary Practices Don’t Work and What To Do About It.” Dr. Weinstein provides small business and corporate consulting services and is a popular speaker.

Mark A Roozen Veterinarian

Mark A Roozen, DVM, MBA


International Business Advisor

Dr. Mark Roozen is an experienced and dedicated International Veterinary Business Advisor with a passion for the veterinary industry. With a background in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Florida and an MBA from the University of Kentucky, Mark brings a unique blend of medical expertise and business acumen to the table.

Having successfully owned a mixed practice, built a state-of-the-art equine facility in Kentucky and led it to great success, Mark’s entrepreneurial spirit and drive for excellence have been evident throughout his career. His experience in clinic management and strategic leadership have honed his ability to identify growth opportunities and guide veterinary practitioners towards prosperity.

After his successful tenure at the equine facility, Mark decided to embark on a new journey, fueled by his desire to help veterinarians thrive in the industry. As an independent Business Advisor, he specializes in providing friendly and insightful guidance to new veterinary practitioners as they start their careers. Additionally, Mark offers seasoned advice and support to established practice owners and solo practitioners seeking to enhance their business strategies and development.

Mark’s love for animals and dedication to the veterinary field shine through in his work, making him a trusted advisor and partner to clients worldwide. He is committed to continuous learning and staying at the forefront of industry trends, always seeking innovative solutions to empower veterinary practices for long-term success

Amanda-Landis-Hanna Veterinarian

Amanda Landis-Hanna, DVM


Chief Veterinary Officer

Board Member



Amanda Landis-Hanna, DVM is Chief Veterinary Officer for One Health Group, the maker of Voyce, a biometric monitoring device for animals. She has practiced small animal, mixed animal and exotic medicine; additionally she has practiced shelter medicine, relief medicine and has worked in both private practice and corporate practice over the last 22 years. She has worked in research and industry, developing new strategies to solve problems in the veterinary space.

She has also worked in non-profit animal welfare, managing the veterinary portfolio for the largest animal welfare funded in North America with key focus on teaching accessible veterinary care for veterinary students.

She has presented at numerous conferences including VMX, WVC, ACVIM, AVMA Veterinary Leadership Conference, AVMA Convention and has completed both Human-Animal Bond Certification and Fear Free Certification. She sits on the board of RedRover, NCVMA, and is the secretary of the board of the Human-Animal Bond Association (HABA). Her passions include improving access to veterinary care by decreasing barriers within communities, increasing research and educational opportunities within veterinary medicine, and mental health in the animal care industry.