Episode #38

A Historic Review Of Software And What The Future Holds

Host: Veterinary Business Institute | Published Date: June 27, 2024

Ever wondered how software went from clunky reminder printers to the complex systems you use today? Dive into the fascinating history of veterinary software with Dr. Amanda Landis-Hanna and Nancy DeWitz, a consultant who’s practically seen it all!

This episode of the Veterinary Business Podcast is packed with insights on:

  • How software transformed client communication 
  • Making the most of integrations to boost efficiency
  • Choosing the perfect software for your unique practice 
  • Staff training tips to ensure a smooth transition 

Worried about gaps in your current software? Nancy’s got you covered there too! Plus, there are golden nuggets of wisdom on setting expectations and navigating the ever-changing world of veterinary technology.


Nancy Dewitz

Consultant/ Owner – Nancy Dewitz LLC

Nancy has spent over 30 years working with the veterinary profession in technical related positions.   Prior to spending time with Veterinarians, she was employed by a small IT firm supporting businesses of all types. She entered the veterinary industry as technical support staff, and moved into training, technical installation, and on to practice management software sales and consulting in practices. Visiting thousands of practices over the years she has a unique perspective into the technical side of veterinary practice and how technical workflow can impact patient care and practice efficiency.  Bringing all the pieces together, helping her practices obtain optimum efficiency in technical design.

A bit of info on where Nancy has been. 20 years in the practice management software industry, 4 years with digital radiography support, along with 13 years consulting directly with practices on technology and software. Served 5 years on the board of directors for VetPartners and is a past president. She has been a member for over 15 years.

Answering a need, she works with practices, large and small, allowing them to continue to use their current technology provider, or find a new one, yet work with Nancy to fill in the gaps of need.  The practice can make the best choices for their technology future.  Achieving the optimal workflow using technology solutions.

Nancy lives in Osseo, WI with her husband. She has 3 grown children making their impacts in this world and enjoying life.  When not working, time is spent camping, gardening, and traveling.  Her business and leisure travels have taken her to almost every state, several places outside the country.

Connect with Nancy

Email: nancy@nancydewitzllc.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/nancy-dewitz-8a18a2b/ 
Website: www.nancydewitzllc.com/home