Episode #39

It Changed My Life

Host: Veterinary Business Institute | Published Date: July 11, 2024

In this compelling episode of the Veterinary Business Podcast, Dr. Peter Weinstein delves into the potential of transcription services to revolutionize veterinary practice management and combat burnout. He is joined by Dr. Andrea Schnuelle, a veterinarian who leverages transcription to achieve a healthy work-life balance, and Jacinthe Moreau, the founder of VETSKRIBE. Together, they explore the multifaceted benefits of transcription services, including increased efficiency, improved medical record quality, and reduced stress for veterinary professionals. 

Learn how you can ditch the late-night charting sessions, finally enjoy a guilt-free lunch break, and maybe even catch your kid’s soccer game… all thanks to the magic of transcription. Tune in for an inspiring conversation that will leave you screaming “Yes, please!” and ready to boost your happiness and efficiency like never before.


  • 00:03:35 –  Introducing the Experts: Meet Dr. Andrea Schnuelle and Jacinthe Moreau
  • 00:08:56 – The Challenge: Streamlining Medical Records in Veterinary Care
  • 00:12:59 – Building a Solution: Vetskribe’s Origins and Addressing Concerns: AI, Transcription, and Veterinary Practice
  • 00:20:00 – The Power of Transcription: Dr. Schnuelle’s Experience
  • 00:30:50 – Beyond Efficiency: Vetskribe’s Impact on Mental Well-Being
  • 00:38:35 – User-Friendly Design: Streamlining Vetskribe Adoption
  • 00:42:18 – See it in Action: Live Demo of Vetskribe
  • 00:50:39 – A Glimpse Forward: The Future of Veterinary Records
  • 00:53:10 – Get Started with Vetskribe and Conclusion
Andrea Schnuelle

Relief Veterinarian
Owner of Lando Veterinary Relief LLC

Dr. Andrea Schnuelle  graduated from the University of Wisconsin’s School of Veterinary Medicine in 2015 and has since dedicated her career to the well-being of animals. With a strong background in urgent care and preventative medicine, she has a proven track record of providing exceptional care to pets.

Dr. Schnuelle understands the demanding nature of veterinary medicine. After experiencing the industry’s impact on mental health firsthand, she founded Lando Veterinary Relief to empower veterinarians to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Her mission is to reduce workload stress for veterinary professionals while ensuring pet clinics remain operational and pets receive the care they deserve.

Beyond veterinary medicine, Dr. Schnuelle is a devoted mother who enjoys spending time with her family. She also balances her busy schedule with hobbies like hunting and, more recently, brewing her own kombucha!

Connect with Dr. Andrea Schnuelle- 

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/andreakutnydvm
Website: www.landoveterinaryrelief.com
Email: landovetrelief@gmail.com

Jacinthe Moreau

CEO & Co-Founder of VetSkribe

During her career Jacinthe has held a variety of positions at esteemed animal health companies and hospital groups. Jacinthe’s proven strengths lie in business, leadership, marketing, and customer service. She has the ability to combine her strengths in science and innovation to create efficient processes and systems to simplify the work of veterinary professionals.

Jacinthe launched a non-profit organization to raise awareness and funds to combat pet cancer and also served as board member of the World Pet Association (WPA) for 9 years, before being named President of the Association. At WPA, Jacinthe revolutionized the association by developing local and international strategic alliances.

Jacinthe is the mother of four children, a yoga instructor, and has been a passionate pet owner her whole life. She loves her pets, Sushi, a lovely Havanese mix, and Belle, her recently adopted cat. Both of whom fit perfectly into her family’s active lifestyle and tag along on all their adventures.

Connect with Jacinthe Moreau- 

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jacinthe-moreau/
Company: www.vetskribe.com