Episode #30

Prioritizing Relationships In Veterinary Medicine

Host: Veterinary Business Institute | Published Date: May 02, 2024

The Secret Weapon of Successful Practices: Client Relationships in Focus

Do you ever feel like your veterinary practice could be doing more to connect with your clients? In Episode 30 of the Veterinary Business Podcast, we delve into the often-undervalued power of client relationships and their profound impact on your practice’s success.

Join us for an insightful discussion with Stephen McLaughry, Co-Founder and CEO of VetBadger and Practice Manager of BarburVet as we explore:

  • The Strategic Advantage: Discover how prioritizing client relationships can propel your practice forward and foster long-term loyalty.
  • Actionable Strategies: Gain practical guidance on building trust, enhancing communication, and exceeding client expectations.
  • A Ripple Effect of Success: Learn how strong client relationships can contribute to a more positive and fulfilling work environment for your entire team.

Tune in to Episode 30 and unlock the key to fostering stronger client relationships – a cornerstone of veterinary success!


  • 00:01:53 – Introducing Stephen: A Tech-Savvy Practice Manager
  • 00:08:54 – The Power of Relationships in Veterinary Medicine
  • 00:14:11 – Common Relationship Management Challenges
  • 00:18:28 – Right Tech, Right Relationships: Choosing the Perfect Practice Management System
  • 00:21:21 – Real-World Solutions: Stephen’s Clinic & Overcoming Challenges
  • 00:26:54 – Advice for New Pet Clinic Owners
  • 00:29:11 – The Rewards of Relationship-Focused Veterinary Care
Stephen McLaughry

Co-Founder and CEO of VetBadger
Practice Manager

Stephen McLaughry, co-founder and CEO of VetBadger, merges his software development expertise with a passion for veterinary care, inspired by his wife, Dr. Alexandra McLaughry. VetBadger, his brainchild, revolutionizes veterinary practice management by simplifying complex processes, making veterinary practices more efficient and focused on care.

With a strong background in software engineering, Stephen identified the need for a better practice management solution through his experiences in the veterinary sector. VetBadger was born from this need, offering a powerful yet user-friendly platform that emphasizes the importance of client and staff relationships and integrates seamlessly into veterinary practices.

Stephen’s work with VetBadger has significantly impacted the veterinary industry, demonstrating how technology can enhance the delivery of veterinary care. His commitment to innovation and empathy in veterinary practice management continues to inspire improvements in animal care and practice efficiency worldwide.

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