Episode #33

Mentoring And Helping The Next Generation Succeed

Host: Veterinary Business Institute | Published Date: May 23, 2024

Ever dream of being a vet but feel uncertain about navigating that first crucial year after graduation? The latest episode of the Veterinary Business Podcast is your ultimate guide!

Join Dr. Peter Weinstein,  as he dives into the world of mentorship with the inspiring Dr. Dani Rabwin, Founder of  Ready, Vet, Go. Forget dry lectures – this episode is packed with actionable tips on how mentorship programs can empower new veterinarians. They will also share on the leadership skills you need to thrive in a veterinary practice, and why teamwork is the secret weapon every vet should wield. Plus, gain insights on the future of veterinary medicine and how schools can better prepare the next generation of animal heroes.

So, ditch the stethoscope for your headphones and tune in to learn how mentorship can elevate your vet career!


  • 00:01:41Finding Her Calling: Dr. Rabwin’s  journey to becoming a veterinarian and what inspired her choice.
  • 00:17:03From Mentor to Entrepreneur: How mentoring new graduates sparked the creation of Ready, Vet, Go.
  • 00:22:54What Mentorship truly means : Key aspects of mentorship
  • 00:27:53 Challenges in veterinary leadership – Effect of veterinary education  on creating leaders and how collaboration can be fostered
  • 00:43:39Why Mentorship Matters Now: The current high demand for mentorship in veterinary medicine and the reason behind it.
  • 00:46:52Ideal Mentors & Mentees: Discover the characteristics of successful mentors and mentees.
  • 00:53:05Parallels Between Mentoring & Parenting
  • 00:55:58A Look Ahead: The future of veterinary medicine and the vision for Ready, Vet, Go
Dani Rabwin

Veterinarian / Mentor / Founder and CEO – Ready, Vet, Go

Dr. Dani Rabwin graduated from UC Davis in 2004 and remains as passionate about veterinary medicine today as she was then. With nearly 20 years of clinical experience, she is a practicing veterinarian, mentorship expert, public speaker, and author. Her enthusiasm for the field is evident to clients, colleagues, and the many students and new vets she has mentored.

In 2020, Dr. Rabwin formally began her mentorship career by founding Ready, Vet, Go. She designed a six-month program to support new veterinary graduates and launched the first cohort in 2022. Her efforts have helped new vets start their careers successfully while strengthening bonds between practices and associates.

Dr. Rabwin lives in the Bay Area of California with her teenage son and various pets. She enjoys camping, yoga, and growing flowers. She values the connections made through her mentorship journey and welcomes anyone to reach out and say hello.

Connect with Dr. Rabwin 

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/dani-rabwin-18034b217
Company Website: readyvetgo.co