Episode #31

Going From Business Dependence To Financial Independence

Host: Veterinary Business Institute | Published Date: May 09, 2024

Feeling the weight of student loans but dreaming of financial freedom?

Veterinarians, this session is for you! Tom Seeko and CJ Burnett, Financial Advisors and Co-founders of Florida Veterinary Advisors  with a passion for helping vets achieve their goals, are here to break down the complexities of managing your finances. 

Learn how to tackle student loan debt strategically, build wealth that goes beyond the value of your practice, and most importantly, plan for a secure and comfortable retirement.  They’ll share real-life success stories, practical tips you can implement right away, and emphasize the power of taking that first step.  Walk away with key takeaways on getting organized, creating a personalized plan, and setting achievable goals – all to unlock your financial future and maybe even that dream beach house you’ve been eyeing!


  • 00:01:39 – Meet Your Financial Champions: Introduction to Tom Seeko and CJ Burnett. Get to know these passionate financial advisors and their unique paths to helping vet professionals.
  • 00:07:34 – Building Your Dream Practice: Thinking of starting your own clinic? Tom and CJ will share financial advice specifically tailored to veterinary practice owners, giving you a solid foundation for success.
  • 00:09:47 – Retirement Beyond the Sale: Don’t limit your retirement plan to selling your practice! Discover three key strategies to build a secure retirement, even as a business owner.
  • 00:15:44 – Taming the Debt Monster: Student loans can feel overwhelming, but there’s hope! Tom and CJ delve into strategies for overcoming debt, sharing inspiring success stories from veterinarians who’ve conquered it, and offer practical tips to get you started on your own debt-free journey.
  • 00:22:23 – The First Step to Financial Freedom: The one crucial area to focus on first as you get your finances in order. This simple step will put you on the right track!
  • 00:27:43 – Final Thoughts & Your Path Forward: Key takeaways and how Florida Veterinary Advisors (FLVetAdvisors.com, serving over 40 states) can support your financial journey.
Tom Seeko, CExP™

Co-Founder, Financial Advisor, Podcast Host

Tom Seeko was born in Edison, NJ and his parents relocated to Homosassa, FL at a young age. He grew up participating in Boy Scouts, playing soccer for a decade, learned to play the clarinet and alto saxophone, and graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in finance. The financial knowledge that Tom has built up expands from income protection, debt repayment, business planning, and several other topics.

Tom lives with his wife, Patricia, and their Maltipoo, Theodore. During the past few years, education has become a large focal point for Tom, and he strives to educate himself around psychology, business, leadership, self-development, and communication.

Tom’s focus within the Veterinary field started in 2014 and became approved to provide continuing education in the state of Florida in 2017. In an effort to reach more people, he became an approved RACE provider through the AAVSB in early 2018. Right now, Tom and his team are involved within several associations in the state of Florida, VetPartners, and the VBMA (Veterinary Business Management Association) that provides students in the Veterinary field with resources and access to professionals to help them with solid advice to jump start their career.

Registered Representative and Financial Advisor of Park Avenue Securities and Financial Representative of Guardian.

CA Insurance License #0K80141

Connect with Tom – 

CJ Burnett, CExP™

Co-Founder, Financial Advisor, Podcast Host

CJ has always had a deep interest in the financial arena. This began at age 16 when he attended an investment symposium in California. From that point on, CJ became incredibly curious about financial topics and devoured any information he could get from books and periodicals to learn and understand the world of investing.

CJ went on to college to follow his other passion of music as an accomplished violinist and fiddler player. He soon changed his major to Finance, where he truly belonged. In his senior year, CJ, along with a small team of student analysts, helped manage the endowment investment fund at the University of South Florida. The team of students ran financial models and valued equities and were a large part of that year’s decision-making process. He then realized this was his calling. CJ graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance from the University of South Florida.

Although he is an analyst at heart, CJ enjoys working directly with people. In 2011, he started with Westshore Financial Group and brought together all the skills he developed.

Over the years, CJ has had success working with corporate executives and business owners on structuring a financial plan that gives them the most control over the results they are after. CJ does not want to only help people with their financial plans; he wants to change what’s possible for them; to show them how to master the “short game” for them to win the “long game.”

CJ also enjoys working with clients on their charitable giving goals. He works with them to structure a plan to minimize the tax impact on them and maximize the impact they can make when giving money to 501(c)(3) entities.

CJ is a member of Idlewild Baptist Church in Lutz, FL, and is involved in a few ministries, including the Worship ministry and the Stewardship ministry.

He speaks and teaches on financial topics at Universities, Churches, and Association groups all across the United States. CJ spends his free time with family, reading, playing music, and coaching.

Registered Representative and Financial Advisor of Park Avenue Securities and Financial Representative of Guardian.

CA Insurance License #0K79676

Connect with CJ – 

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/cj-burnett-0805a02b/