Episode #36

Disciplined Entrepreneurship

Host: Veterinary Business Institute | Published Date: June 13, 2024

Unlock Growth: Disciplined Entrepreneurship for Your Veterinary Practice

Join us for a conversation with Dr. Christie Cornelius, a successful veterinarian and founder of VetSpark.

In this episode, Dr. Cornelius and our co-host, Naren Arulrajah, will unravel the secrets of disciplined entrepreneurship. Learn the six key elements that can be applied to transform your veterinary practice. Discover how to:

  • Grow your client base
  • Increase profitability
  • Deliver exceptional pet care

Ready to revolutionize your veterinary business? 

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  • 00:01:35 – Introduction – Dr. Christie Cornelius
  • 00:03:38 – What is Disciplined Entrepreneurship 
  • 00:07:58 – Taking Disciplined Entrepreneurship to your veterinary practice 

Six pillars of disciplined entrepreneurship 

  • 00:09:37 – Who is your customer? – Identify your target pet owners and their specific needs.
  • 00:11:28 – What can you do for your customer? – Crafting Your Value Proposition 
  • 00:13:42 – How does your customer acquire your product or service? – Mastering Client Acquisition 
  • 00:16:49 – How do you make money off of your product or service? – Understanding Monetization 
  • 00:19:57 – How do you design and build your business? – Designing Efficient Operations
  • 00:21:43 – How do you scale your business? – Scaling Up for Growth
  • 00:23:37 – Resources for aspiring veterinary entrepreneurs
Christie Cornelius DVM

Co-Founder @ VetSpark | Veterinarian | Business Consultant

Dr. Christie Cornelius, DVM, is a passionate entrepreneur and leader dedicated to improving the lives of senior pets and revolutionizing the veterinary industry. A graduate of the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine (2004), Dr. Cornelius leveraged her clinical expertise to become a certified veterinarian in pet hospice & palliative care. Recognizing the growing need for compassionate end-of-life care for pets, she embarked on an entrepreneurial journey.

In 2012, Dr. Cornelius founded her first venture, laying the groundwork for her future success. Five years later, she established another business, both ultimately acquired by a division of MARS in 2021. Dr. Cornelius’ vision extends beyond traditional veterinary practice.  She co-founded an e-tracking software specifically designed for pet crematories, streamlining operations and enhancing service for grieving families.

Currently, Dr. Cornelius focuses her energy on Fair Winds, a senior pet care facility on Galveston Island. Here, she provides specialized care and a comfortable environment for aging animals. Always seeking to shape the future of veterinary care, Dr. Cornelius is currently pursuing an Executive MBA (EMBA 2024) at the Jones School of Business, Rice University. This pursuit demonstrates her commitment to bridging the gap between veterinary medicine and business acumen, ultimately fostering a more holistic approach to pet health and well-being.

Connect with Dr. Cornelius

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/christiecornelius