Episode #16

What Does 2024 Look LIke for Veterinary Business

Host: Veterinary Business Institute | Published Date: January 25, 2024

In a world where “normal” is hard to define, dive into 2024’s veterinary landscape with Dr. Cody Creelman, CEO Of Fen Vet, and Dr. Peter Weinstein. Forget boom or bust; they dissect if this is a slowdown or just the “new normal.” Get real on economics, inflation, and how to squeeze efficiency and value from every paw print. Unpack innovative fee structures, talent acquisition secrets, and a fresh take on vet education that prioritizes passion alongside skills. This isn’t just talk; it’s a roadmap to navigate uncertainty, embrace trends, and ensure your practice thrives in the year ahead.


  • 00:02:09 – An overview of Dr. Cody Creelman and his outlook for 2024
  • 00:13:39 – Examining the current economic conditions affecting the growth and profitability in veterinary practices, with a closer look into veterinary inflation
  • 00:22:20 – Assessing the impact of reducing overhead costs and improving practice efficiencies 
  • 00:27:39 – A deeper look into veterinary fee and value-based care 
  • 00:35:33 – Balancing ‘Gold Standard Care’ with affordability through values-based care
  • 00:46:43 – Being an employer of choice instead of an employer of chance – secret to Dr. Creelman’s talent acquisition method
  • 00:49:54 – Reprogramming the profession and reigniting passion through conversation
  • 00:58:31 – Delving deeper into veterinary education – a conversation on passion, values, and character assessment
  • 01:06:09 – Insights on anticipated trends in the veterinary industry for 2024
Cody Creelman, DVM

CEO, Entrepreneur, born in 1984

Instagram: www.instagram.com/codycreelman/?hl=en
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/cody-creelman-46b78156/?originalSubdomain=ca
Facebook: www.facebook.com/CodyCreelmanDVM/
Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UC_gI1jXVfTkzzftiYBlKdIw

Dr. Cody Creelman is a veterinarian, multiple practice owner, and a digital storyteller based in Alberta, Canada. He was raised on a ranch in Northern Alberta and became dedicated to pursuing a career in veterinary medicine at age 16. He obtained a BSc. in Animal Science in 2007 from the University of Alberta, and his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2011 from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan. After graduation, Dr. Creelman joined a beef cattle practice in Alberta and focused his clinical pursuits on cow-calf and feedlot medicine. In 2019, Dr. Creelman transitioned his career towards launching a companion animal veterinary brand called Fen Vet. Dr Creelman has shared his story in real-time on social media by creating entertaining and educational videos of his daily adventures. With over 20 million video views, he has created a very loyal following of ranchers, veterinary professionals, and the general public.