Episode #2

The Standing Ovation Practice with Dr. Joel Parker

Host: Veterinary Business Institute | Published Date: October 12, 2023

What Is the “Standing Ovation Practice”?

In this show, Dr. Joel Parker, Veterinarian and Co-founder Veterinary Practice Solutions & Naren Arulrajah, CEO of Ekwa Marketing, explain what is Standing Ovation Practice and how to achieve such a practice.

Dr Joel Parker Is the Co-founder of Veterinary Practice Solutions who has also been a veterinarian for many years. Today he shares the Knowledge accumulated throughout his career with the listeners and gives insight as to how to create Owner-Independent Practices


  • 00:47:45 – Dr. Joel’s Journey from a Veterinarian to an Entrepreneur 
  • 00:56:34 – What is a “Standing Ovation Practice”
  • 00:59:12 – The impact of using “Standing Ovation Practice” techniques in the aspect of patients, employees, and owners 
  • 01:03:05 – Main components of a “Standing Ovation Practice”
  • 01:10:20 – Action items of “Standing Ovation Practice”
Dr. Joel Parker

Co-founder of the Veterinary Practice Solutions
Champion of Independent Practices
Speaker, vBlogger (WhiteBoard Wednesday) and Author

Dr. Parker was born in Alaska and raised on the West Coast of Canada. As an early entrepreneur, he established a landscaping company at the age of 15. A strong love of animals then led him to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. He holds university degrees in both Science and Veterinary Medicine from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. 

Dr. Parker’s early years in the veterinary industry were spent working in AAHA-accredited practices and in 1986 he purchased the AAHA-accredited Animal Medical Hospital in West Vancouver, BC. Among its accolades, his hospital was featured in Trends Magazine for its state of the art sound-proof dog ward. 

Ensuing years of owner-dependent practice ownership was frustrating and led him to an extensive search for practical management tools. With his discovery of the Hubbard Management System, he found what he was looking for. Through the application of its specific, tried-and-true management technology, the 1990s brought Joel rapid success and resulted in the creation of two new companies, Veterinary Endoscopy Service and another that involved the manufacturing and worldwide distribution of a high-end line of dog training equipment, Canine Equipment – Gear Fer Dogs. 

In 2004, Dr. Parker decided to take things to a whole new level and help give other practice owners the opportunity to discover the very same management system that elevated his practice to what he describes as the “Standing Ovation Practice” level. Thus leading to the co-founding of Veterinary Practice Solutions as a resource to provide this technology.

Connect with Dr. Parker,

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/dr-joel-parker-880a2b26
YouTube: https://tinyurl.com/ap7pn45r
Website: https://tinyurl.com/47ecrs4p
Personal website: https://tinyurl.com/y6bjrhte