Episode #29

The Personal Growth Journey Of Veterinary Leaders

Host: Veterinary Business Institute | Published Date: April 25, 2024

Imagine a veterinary clinic where teamwork thrives, and everyone feels valued and empowered. That’s the future of veterinary leadership, according to Rachel Paul, a veterinary leadership coach, on the latest episode of the Veterinary Business Podcast.

This episode dives into the changing face of leadership in vet med, moving away from a boss-centered model to one that prioritizes relationships, motivation, and growth for the entire team. It’s a shift driven by a new generation of veterinary professionals seeking a fulfilling work experience. But with many vets stepping into leadership roles without formal training, Rachel offers practical tips for success.

Leaders can embrace personal growth journeys, invest in their teams, and even step outside their comfort zones to become the best leaders they can be. Intrigued? So, buckle up for a ride packed with insights and inspiration, and get ready to take your veterinary practice to the next level!


  • 00:01:35 – Meet the Changemaker! introducing Rachel Paul, a veterinary leadership coach who’s here to guide you on the exciting transformation of veterinary leadership.
  • 00:02:58 – Explore the shift away from the traditional “boss” model towards a more collaborative and empowering approach
  • 00:09:35 – The current trends and challenges veterinary industry in UK
  • 00:11:49 – Management Mythbusters: the key differences between a manager and a true leader
  • 00:14:17 – What are the common ‘growing pains’ or challenges of veterinary leaders?
  • 00:16:35 – The Hero’s Journey for Leaders: Unlock the secrets of Rachel’s unique approach to personal development for veterinary leaders.
  • 00:20:56 – The unique challenges of leading a team of leaders and explore strategies for navigating this complex terrain effectively
Rachael Paul

Qualified Coach
NLP Master Practitioner

Rachael Paul is the owner of Simply Veterinary, which provides headhunting services to veterinary practices, and leadership and recruitment coaching for practice owners and leaders. She has been working with the veterinary profession for 10 years and is a qualified Coach and NLP Master Practitioner.

Rachael’s work with veterinary practice owners and leaders is inspired by the well-known quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. She focuses on professional and personal growth coaching for leaders who want to go from good, to great, to inspirational, in order to be the change they want to see in their teams, and the wider profession. She believes veterinary leaders have a unique opportunity to create big positive shifts within the veterinary profession and focuses on what is required of leaders to step up to serve powerfully.