Episode #22

Let’s Talk Leadership

Host: Veterinary Business Institute | Published Date: March 07, 2024

Welcome to today’s episode where we dive deep into the theme of ‘Leadership’ within the veterinary industry, featuring a conversation between our host,  Dr. Peter Weinstein, and the esteemed Dr. Gershon Alaluf.

Dr. Alaluf, a seasoned veterinarian and a distinguished business leader, shares invaluable insights on fostering team spirit, driving innovation, and steering independent veterinary practices towards success.

Key Highlights:

  • Creating a Team-Centric Culture.
  • Empowering Employees.
  • The Role of Independent Practices.
  • Redefining Veterinary Education.
  • Leadership Style.

Dr. Gershon Alaluf’s insights into leadership go beyond the confines of veterinary practice, offering lessons on teamwork, innovation, and vision that are applicable across various industries. His emphasis on creating a supportive work environment, empowering employees, and the crucial role of independent practices in shaping the future of veterinary medicine provides a roadmap for aspiring leaders in the field.


  • 00:02:37 – From Kennel Boy to Visionary Leader: Dr. Gershon Alaluf’s Journey
  • 00:12:46 – Beyond the Stethoscope: Why Vets Need Business Savvy
  • 00:19:21 – Manager vs. Leader: Making the Key Shift
  • 00:26:53 – An Evolving Career: From Clinic Owner to Veterinary Champion
  • 00:35:50 – A Vet’s Journey to Transform Leadership
  • 00:43:10 – Reshaping Veterinary Education: Rethinking Leaders and Skills
  • 00:54:06 – Fostering Leadership Within the Veterinary Field 
  • 01:04:25 – Overcoming Obstacles in Leadership and Strategic Vision 
  • 01:13:53 – Parting Insights: Advice for Future Veterinary Leaders 

Dr. Gershon Alaluf

Doctorate Veterinary Medicine
Master of  Business Administration
Doctorate in Business Administration

With over 20 years of experience as a veterinarian and a business leader, Dr. Gershon Alauf is passionate about providing quality animal care and building strong client relationships. As the manager of four vacation rental and investment businesses in Mexico, Arizona, and California, he oversees property management, finances, and marketing strategies. Currently, he’s pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration at Pepperdine Graziadio Business School, with a focus on addressing mental distress and attrition within the profession. His research encompasses leadership, ethics, client communication, mentoring, and private equity. Dr. Alauf holds multiple certifications, including cloud architecture, and possesses skills in business management, professional mentoring, and organizational leadership. His mission is to enhance the lives of animals and the dedicated individuals who care for them through effective leadership, fostering positive interpersonal relationships, maintaining strong client relations, and celebrating the veterinary profession. He brings diverse perspectives and experiences to any team, and he is eager to learn from and collaborate with others.

Connect with Dr. Alaluf

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/galaluf-dvmmba
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/analsacs