Episode #9

Creating and Controlling the Veterinary Profession’s Future

Host: Veterinary Business Institute | Published Date: November 30, 2023

Today, we are privileged to have Dr. Cody Creelman, the Chief Executive Officer of Fen Vet and a pioneering figure in veterinary care, in conversation with Dr. Peter Weinstein. Join us as he delves into his journey within the veterinary industry, sharing his expertise on reimagining the practice culture by cultivating a 7-star customer experience. 

Dr. Creelman guides us through his transformative experiences, showcasing how the innovative approach to veterinary practices and the application of visionary leadership skills played a pivotal role in standing out of the pack. Discover the wealth of knowledge and essential lessons that young veterinary students can absorb from his experiences, unlocking the secrets to standing out by reshaping their mindset.


  • 00:02:29 – Fascinating journey of Dr. Cody Creelman – from a veterinarian to become a practice owner
  • 00:12:15 – Genesis of ‘Fen Vet’ – the reasons behind the birth of an exceptional practice 
  • 00:20:05 – The vision and mission of ‘Fen Vet’ and why it should serve as a model for other practices.  
  • 00:31:51 – Making ‘Michelin Star’ vet practices – recognizing the trademarks of a star practice
  • 00:36:30 – The challenges within the profession the veterinary industry is facing today and how to stand out by re-imagining your practice 
  • 00:53:05 – The role of Corporates in the modern time 
  • 00:57:48 – Optimizing staff utilization – the secret behind a seamlessly operating practice
  • 01:14:09 – Instilling passion, enthusiasm, excitement, and entrepreneurial spirit in the present vet students – impacting the future
  • 01:23:59 – Replicating the culture of ‘Fen Vet’ through visionary leadership skills – cultivating impactful leaders 
  • 01:25:49 – The future of the veterinary industry through Dr. Cody’s eyes 
Cody Creelman, DVM

CEO, Entrepreneur, born in 1984

Instagram: www.instagram.com/codycreelman/?hl=en
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/cody-creelman-46b78156/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/CodyCreelmanDVM/
Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UC_gI1jXVfTkzzftiYBlKdIw

Dr. Cody Creelman is a veterinarian, multiple practice owner, and a digital storyteller based in Alberta, Canada. He was raised on a ranch in Northern Alberta and became dedicated to pursuing a career in veterinary medicine at age 16. He obtained a BSc. in Animal Science in 2007 from the University of Alberta and his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2011 from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan. After graduation, Dr. Creelman joined a beef cattle practice in Alberta and focused his clinical pursuits on cow-calf and feedlot medicine. In 2019, Dr. Creelman transitioned his career towards launching a companion animal veterinary brand called Fen Vet. Dr Creelman has shared his story in real-time on social media by creating entertaining and educational videos of his daily adventures. With over 20 million video views, he has created a very loyal following of ranchers, veterinary professionals, and the general public.